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Click a link below to get more information about the tool in question, as well as a download link. Important - with the exception of Asset X, these tools will not update the file for the asset.

Thanks to PEV, all the tools are available from this site. Any queries/problems with these tools should be posted in the Trainz Discussion Forums where PEV or another member can help out. This must be done manually in order for the changes to take effect and to prevent errors.

In some cases, extra code has been added which may be adware/spyware.

The only official places to get the PEVSoft tools are either here on this site or on PEV's site at This is your one stop shop for PEVsoft tools." is available, it will be listed on the appropriate tool page - this applies to Quickshadows, Images2TGA, PM2IM and Attachment Maker.

As many of you may be aware, we rely on donations from you, the community, in order to maintain the site.

Although we do receive a small amount of income through advertising and Amazon referrals, this is nowhere near enough to cover our costs and although I am always willing to make up the shortfall, my funds are not unlimited. If you wish to share a link to a repaint, please share the relevant page and not the direct Mediafire link.

Gmax, Blender, and Sketchup/Ruby TMIX content should not be affected.

This glossary includes terms related to using Trainz.Or you can create your own favorite section of railroad using the amazing Surveyor world building tools.Service Pack 2, released in June 2017, upgrades a huge number of underlying systems to provide better reliability and stability.After just 65 people making a donation over the years, Pierre, decided enough was enough, and announced the closure of his site.However the community rallied behind him and encouraged Pierre to set up a subscription service so that the website could continue to operate and Trainz fans around the world still have a central location to find all those pesky non-DLS items.

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