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Considering that barbers and hair stylists dedicate their lives to making you a better-looking person, their good side is a fruitful place to be.

If a client shows up super late, it causes me to run late the rest of my day.

And, on a side note: if your trusty stylist is a woman and she's even remotely attractive, once your girlfriend meets her, there's a good chance you'll never be allowed to go back.

"It's happened," says a bombshell stylist out of NYC.

Dreadlocks are not acceptable.’ ‘Sod’s law – it happens to us all but don’t cancel your appointment you’ll regret it in a week.’ ‘So you feel even more amazing when we’ve finished.’ ‘Everyone is allowed to make a mistake, make the same mistake again though and we might start judging.’ Harsh, but fair.

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So to make our future haircuts that tiny bit less uncomfortable, we gave in and asked the specialist team at Taylor Taylor London to answer all the awkward haircut-related questions we’ve been too scared to ask. It’s definitely awkward [if they’re open].’ ‘It’s perfectly OK, we will give you a little shake when we’re finished (no snoring, though).’ ‘We don’t think you’re cheap but remember we wouldn’t recommend it unless we really think you need it – treat yourself and and your hair! We talk all day so it’s as much of a break for us as it is for you.’ THANK THE LORD. ’ ‘It’s only rude if it affects your haircut or appointment time – if it doesn’t affect our work it doesn’t affect our opinion.’ ‘Honey!

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