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It’s no secret that the North Korean government restricts what internet its citizens can access, but until Tuesday, no one knew how bleak and limited those choices really were.

You pick a decade (like 1970) and a country (like Brazil), and music from that era begins to stream.

of a Facebook post to avoid linking to the original.

Your post sucks because it doesn’t contain links, styling, and you can’t enclose a podcast if you want. I’m sorry no matter how good your idea is fuck you I won’t help you and Facebook kill the open web.

Fuck them.) You might think it’s hyperbole for Winer to say that Facebook is trying to kill the open web. I complain about Google AMP, but AMP is just a dangerous step toward a Google-owned walled garden — Facebook is designed from the ground up as an all-out attack on the open web. Blocking them from indexing Facebook content is a huge “fuck you” to anyone who cares about the longevity of the stuff they link to.

Marc Haynes’s Facebook post about Roger Moore is viewable by anyone, but: in the results because Facebook forbids search engines from indexing Facebook posts. Treat Facebook as the private walled garden that it is.

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