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The political/religious underpinnings of such calendar systems, for example, serve as perfect examples of revolutionary movements’ all-encompassing world-views, as does the choice between B. We know how the ‘Christian’ calendar had been increasingly used since about the 6C A. – you gotta love the decision to avoid the whole hairy question of how old the Earth/Creation was by just counting up once you get to 1 B. So Pope Gregory XIII had his Vatican nerds tweak the Julian calendar in order to correct the divergence of Easter from the astronomical calendar – they decided to tweak the leap years and jump the calendar date ahead 10 days to catch up. Thus in contemporary correspondence you will sometimes see dates written as March 4/15 – i.e. They might even be kind enough to note when an Englishman, say the Duke of Marlborough, stopped using the Old Style (i.e. Unfortunately, however, modern historians of early modern England often continue to use OS in their works.

So as we shift from one calendar year to the next, we should be mindful yet again of how confused our early moderns were.

The letter 'e' has several forms and it is advisable to familiarise yourself with these as quickly as possible.

Some Secretary Hand letters resemble different modern letters and this needs to be quickly understood.

It is also home to a unique collection of manuscripts, letters, diaries, books, leaflets, oral recordings, maps, plans, trade catalogues, paper ephemera and an extensive newspaper cuttings collection.

While some film footage is also held, the archive does not aim to collect film stock.

This past weekend, project leader David van der Linden of the University of Groningen told members of the media why the trunk was such a fascinating research opportunity.

Special scanning techniques will help unlock the stories held within the letters, of which 600 are unopened.

But, as this happened right in the middle of a little thing called the REFORMATION, the Protestant, northern half of Europe wasn’t particularly willing to do what the Pope said. March 4 in the Old Julian calendar but that same day is March 15 in the newer Gregorian style. English) calendar in his letters from Flanders (i.e. It makes sense when faced with converting all of their dates to NS (which then don’t match up with document dates), but it makes it much harder for any kind of comparative history.

Not to mention there were all sorts of practical questions like: “Do I get interest on my account for those missing days? ” We get just a sampling of the politico-religious landmines raised by calendrical reform in this report on Protestant efforts in the Holy Roman Empire, described for the Royal Society in Over the next several centuries the rest of Europe would slowly come over to the inevitable logic of the Vatican astronomers and mathematicians, but misgivings took awhile to assuage, as the graphic below indicates. Any early modern historian worth their salt will specify somewhere in their writings whether they use Old or New style, and how they will identify them, usually as O. [As an aside, in my Notes database I record the date of the letter as written, but also include a field that automatically converts all dates to a standard NS – this requires making them a date field in order to deal with shifts from late in one month to early in the next.

Letters such as 'h' can at first appear difficult, but very soon become recognisable because of their strangeness.

You need to learn letters that occur in English words frequently: vowels, 'c', 'r' and 't' for example.

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