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And the people who have sex more than 3 times a week accounts for 24% of the respondents which is also higher than the world average 19%.The survey also discovers the great geographical difference in sex frequency.In one entry, he records receiving two bottles of Chinese maotai spirits and 50,000 yuan (£4,870) in cash."I put 30,000 yuan in the bank, and took the other 20,000 yuan home," he wrote.A sex wellbeing survey on Chinese people was launched around Valentine’s Day this year by Durex.

Normally, women worldwide give birth to about 105 or 106 boys for every 100 girls.

As he sums up his year at the end of 2007, Mr Han appears content and happy with life.

"This is the year in which my work has gone more smoothly than ever," he wrote."The company is growing.

The mid-level cadres have worked hard to understand my goals.

My authority has grown [...] As for romance, Xiao Pan is hooked, Miss Tan is now a regular, and Miss Mo is in the queue."This year I had abundant romantic encounters but when there are too many women, I have to pay attention to my health," he added. However, sources told the Southern Metropolis Daily, one of China's few investigative newspapers, that Mr Han's computer had been hacked by a rival at the Tobacco bureau, who posted the excerpt online.

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He explained that for a bribe of $35 to $50, a doctor will tell whether a woman is pregnant with a boy or a girl.

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