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If you answered yes, Co-authors Michael Mc Tear (University of Ulster) and Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada) have written an excellent new book, Voice Application Development for Android that is just for you.The book covers a range of technologies involved in the development of Android voice apps, including voice recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, grammars, multimodal input and dialogs.

Are you interested in how virtual assistant technology works?

So be prepared to let out some animalistic sounds of your own, it will happen.

“Fifty Shades Darker” is officially out in theaters, and you know what that means: Groups of thirsty AF girls will gather into theaters across America, disguising their animalistic desires to watch soft-core porn on the big screen as a “fun gal's night out! Which is why this Christian Grey Facebook Messenger chatbot is AMAZING.

She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate. She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate.

Anything related to Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), the Turing Test, Mobile Virtual Assistants, bot hosting services, free and proprietary chat bot software.

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As the book is concerned with Android development, many of the technologies discussed in detail are Google products.

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