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Instead, he embarks upon a campaign of revenge against his former boss and begins to renovate a roller-coaster with an old school friend. Wilhelm (Bruno Ganz), a Stalinist, dyed-in-the-wool communist apparatchik, turns 90 in the final stages of the German Democratic Republic.Pierre, a 75 year old widower, discovers online dating websites. The year is 1989, and thousands upon thousands of people are deserting the GDR for a better life in the capitalist west.

My friends always wanted me to go out because I was their wingman.

She’s very caring and will make someone very lucky one day … ” RELATED: Chris Bukowski Says His Surprise Appearance On Andi Dorfman's Season Was A Set Up By Producers Despite the advice from many of her gal pals warning her not to fall so fast for Bukowski, who has a reputation for being a "player," Mosca continued to stand firm on her decision to stay with the reality star.

“I came to paradise to leave with someone, to have a boyfriend, to start something.

You will probably enjoy this film more if you haven't already read Eugen Ruge's novel, like me, because it focuses on more or less one single day out of this 500-pager.

Still, it has a "real GDR" feeling about it, comparable to Lives of Others, which is quite an achievement in itself.

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