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Key: “Cache-Control” value: max-age = “2592000, must re-validate” for 30 days.“must re-validate” string must be added after the time in second as value.While Varnish is a pure web cache with more advanced cache-specific features than Nginx, Nginx may still be a perfect match for you.If your traffic warrants adding a layer of infrastructure for caching, but not the overhead of introducing new technologies that need to be learned and maintained, Nginx might be a better fit.

If you want Cloud Front to cache different versions of your objects based on the device a user is using to view your content, configure Cloud Front to forward the applicable headers to your custom origin: header to your origin.

The Cache Server is (usually) the "frontman"; It receives the intial HTTP request from a client.

It then either handles the request itself (if it has a fresh cached copy of the requested resource) or passes the request off to the Origin Server to fulfill.

The static files are typically fixed at the time of publish, and so are perfect candidates for caching.

In this post I'll show how you can add headers to the files served by the to increase your site's performance.

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