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A couple days ago Matt Forney posted a new Maxim article that describes how Tucker Max is now trying to reinvent himself as some kind of dating advice guru in the vein of Dr. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that Tucker Max is actually trying to pull this off or that his “fans” seem to be lapping this right up.


Drew,” the host of “Loveline,” the radio relationship and medical advice show, Drew Pinsky, M.

D., is a nationally recognized physician and addiction specialist. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Life and Love, and is also a professor of psychiatry and medical director of the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at the University of Southern California. Consider them Team Dude from MTV's Loveline show, where they dispense sarcastic and sporadically helpful advice to callers and listeners.

Drew advises Georgette to tell Joe what she likes in the bedroom, and she gives it a try: “When you scratch my back I get all tingly.” How Should I Handle Dating Sex As a Widow?

Erica, a widow in her 50s who lost her husband three years ago, asks, “Dating is much different than what I was used to back in the day, many years ago.

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Check out some of his direct quotes from the article: “Dude,” Max growls. As long as you’re honest and respectful and she knows what direction you’re going, then she can make a decision about the relationship based on accurate information.” That the Maxim article alleges his shitty new podcast has already received more than 2 million downloads gives me even less faith in human race than I had yesterday.

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