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Why are people relying on technicalities and technology in order to find their soul mate? Love is a game of chance, an opportunity to have fun and find the person whom a person belongs with at the same time.Yes there is much heartbreak in the search for love, but the end result far outshines whatever could give anyone.No, they picture themselves running into their love on a crowded street, by finding someone you click with instantly.As they get older people start to lose those ideals of love and begin believing that love is having things in common and having perfect compatibility, and with that the truth of love is slowly falling apart.That quality gives you the inner strength to look more beautiful. See, all of us know that meeting someone who’s totally stranger to you obviously not safe.Patricia, a tomboyish teenage girl who fell in love with her childhood best friend, Ivan.It's important that you feel good about yourself or you won't attract the people you want because who wants to be with someone who's down on themselves?

Unfortunately I communicated with about ten different women and ended only really like two of them.

With people having as busy of a life as they do it can be very hard to make friends out and about.

I met my bf of almost 3 years through online dating.

I was just wondering was you people thought about internet dating websites.

I have to admit, I did attempt meeting people for a few months on this internet-dating website called

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If you want a serious relationship in your life then that should connect to your heart, not with your face. In a true relationship look never matter and believe that you are beautiful. Only you need to give some appealing 4–5 photos which should justify that actually who you are.

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