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Daniel Craig came under a bit of fire last month with his over-the-top comments about slashing his wrists rather than playing James Bond again.

Despite Craig slightly changing his tune, the Brit's "Daniel is filming for something like seven months, is in 95 per cent of the film and does all his own stunts, so I think anything he says after that is coming from a man who has post traumatic stress syndrome." "He carries the film, he gives an amazing performance so I take all of that with a pinch of salt…

The only question is, does the White House have a hot tub and if so, how are the acoustics for a screaming match?

Bravo's gay Senior Vice President of Production and Programming Andy Cohen was spotted by INF hobnobbing with 007 Daniel Craig on the beach at St. Craig later reprised his famous dripping-wet emergence from tropical waters, to Cohen's and fellow beachgoers' delight, no doubt, AFTER THE JUMP...

He already has a natural panache, a lengthy career in reality television and, allegedly, a history of being horrible to Lisa Rinna.

Combine the star power of Kelsey Grammer before his divorce from Camille and the crowd-pleasing charm of Dorit’s husband PK, and you have a Real Housewives spouse for the ages: Donald Trump.

The Wrap points out in a sneak peek of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion show that Kim Richards cops to previously dating the current president of the United States, though she doesn’t seem particularly excited to get into the details.

WATCH: Which Celebs Have Joined the Dating Crazy Tinder?

"I went on Tinder this year, and I write a lot about that [in the book]," he says.

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"It's amusing and fascinating and scientific and weird, and I love a good dating story, and I have plenty in the book." But Andy says he's very patient when it comes to finding Mr. He tells ET, "I need a man, I need some love, but until I find the right guy, I'm having a pretty great time." Andy's famous for playing games with guests such as "Plead The Fifth," on his hit Bravo series, but here's what happens when Grace played the games on him!

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